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Tour Info


Well, I did it! I got to meet one of my musical idols......GILBY!!!!!! Me and my friend went to see Gilby at Hard Rock Cafe at Atlantic City yesterday. We went knowing the show was 21 and over and we're not. A friend of all our's got us on the Gilby's Guest List for the show. Well, We were standing in the line waiting to get a table to eat and we see Gilby across the room standing by the stage. I turned to a Hard Rock Staff member and asked if she had Gilby's guest list and wondered if there were any passes left for us. She gave me a non-believing look and asked my name. She checked and then she Turned back with a big smile and said, "Oh yeah, they were expecting you around 9:30!" (hehe, they were expecting us). Well, she took us out of the waiting line and took us right up front to meet Gilby. He is the nicest person in the world. I asked him to autograph the cover of GUitar Worl with him and Slash form 92......when I was getting it out, he was like "Hey! I remeber that! That was a while ago." He also took a couple pictures with us! Then I gave him a picture of my 65 Mustang (cause he has one too) with my guitars next to it. I told him that I got one of my guitars because it looked like one of his! Then he told me about his Mustang and his guitars......then he did a short sound check. When he finished, I asked him if he was gonna play a certain song, and he told me he wasn't cause Eric, his normal drummer is on tour in Europe with Brian May and his band he's playing with doesn't know all the he told me what songs he would play and probably wouldn't. Well, he went to go eat, so me and my friend decided to leave and walk the boards and come back later and eat when the band's on. ANYWAY, we get back, and the bouncer stops us and cards us. We explain that we're on Gilby's Guest List and asked to talk to the person who took us out of line earlier. Well, they finally let us in, but they tell us we have to get out when the band comes on because of the "policy." Anyway, we get seated right in front of the stage. Our waitress comes over and says she tlak to Gilby to see what he cando to let us stay. Then about 10 minutes later, Gilby himself comes and sits at our table with us and apologizes because we couldn't stay there, but maybe we could stand in the back behind the bar and listen. The band finally came on and we had to leave..........but not before I finished my roll of 27 pics of the band while playing the first couple of songs!! ;) After that we go to stand in the back like Gilby said.........but the manager said we have to get out totally. Well, to finish this long, drawn out story, we go out side Hard Rock on the Boardwalk and watch and listen through the windows!! Oh yeah, in between all that, when some of Gilby's friends found out that we had to get out when the show started, they asked to us come party with them after the show............but we couldn't :( It was awesome!!

Here's some of the setlist we heard not in order:

Gilby is definitely a class act.......the nicest person to meet!!!