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Birthday: 8/17/62
Hair: Black(Nice and Easy)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Married: Daniella
Children: Francesca (Click to hear Gilby's reaction when his wife told him she was pregnant)

Favorite Groups: Beatles, Rolling Stones, T.Rex, David Bowie, The Clash, Cheap Trick

Favorite Albums: White Album, Magical Mystery Tour, Seargent Peppers-Beatles / Sticky Fingers, Let it Bleed, Exile on Main St. - Stones / Slider - T.Rex / Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dogs - Bowie / Cheap Trick- Cheap Trick / New York Dolls- New York Dolls

Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, My Favorite Year, Inside Daisy Clover, Pulp Fiction, Easy Riders

Fav. Guitarist: Ron Wood, Keith Richards, BB King, Mick Ronson

Fav. Guitars He Owns: Xemaitis Custom Silvertop, '68 Fender Tele, Burnt Les Paul Cassic, Black Les Paul standard(used to be a deluxe)

Dream Cars: '69 Chevy Chevelle SS396, '69 Chevy Camaro, '67 Chevy Corvette 454

Hobbies: Working on my '64 1/2 Ford Stang and my '65 Harley-Davidson Panhead Chopper. Building thing with my tools.

Sports: Fast Pitch Softball, Bowling & Basketball.